Tuesday, 31 January 2012

HD Brows

Well i thought my first blog should be about...BROWS of course!
After training in HD Brows in July last year i officially fell in love.
I've always been a bit of a brow fanatic, but learning the art of HD Brows turned me into a full blown addict!
I really would recommend the course for anyone who is thinking about starting there own business in the beauty industry or even to add to their treatment list.
below is the link which will tell you all about their courses etc..only downside is their is no training available in N.Ireland yet..but the way the HD Brow brand is expanding-this may not be the case for long!

They also now have an online store so you can purchase there amazing products

Although only us lucky HD Brow Stylists can purchase the items in the Pro Store..

Which brings me to a tiny rant..there are many little fakers out there claiming to offer HD Brows...
High Definition Brows Limited are the official registered owner and creator of HD Brows...they worked very hard on creating this brand the brand images and products that go with it so if you want to go to a trained HD Brow stylist make sure they are registered at HD Brow salon finder and use the official HD Brow Products which carry their logo..rant over..x