Saturday, 18 February 2012

Beautiful Brows

Brows Beautiful Brows

A few girls have asked me what other amazing products there are out thought id show you my top 3...for all budgets

1st up and the most expensive is Benefits Brow Zings-£22.50

It contains a pigmented wax for smoothing down unruly brow hairs at one side and a natural shaded powder for setting on the also comes in 3 shades; light, medium and dark.

Next up is HD Brows who have there own eyebrow powder palettes-which are priced at around £20.00

this is the bombshell palette

 Again you might feel this is pricey for a brow powder but your getting double the product of the browzings. They come with 4 colours in each and also come in 3 colour ranges according to your hair colour- 

Bombshell:  For blondes…a nude, a carbon shadow, and two blonde tone powders. When used as an eye shadow palette, this will create a cool natural daytime look and a soft evening look.

Foxy: For brunettes…a nude, a carbon shadow, and two medium brown tone powders. Use this as an eye shadow palette to create a warm natural daytime look or a smouldering night time look. 

Vamp: For dark hair…a nude, a carbon shadow, and two dark brown tone powders. Used as an eye shadow palette, this will create a dramatic smoky look

These sell out constantly online but good news...

These are available at my Vanity HD for clients priced at £20.00
 from Feb 24th-
any orders send me an email to

And finally for the BARGAIN brow powder....ELF Eyebrow kit at a mere £3.50(*not including postage)
Does pretty much everything brow-zings is supposed to though its maybe not just as pigmented
But comes in 4 shade colours; light, ash, medium and dark.

ELF is a great website with lots a cheapy dupes of more expensive products so will have to put a few up on a separate blog....

Have a nice weekend girls
V  <3

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