Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bonjour Bourjois

I love trying out new foundations and was really interested in this foundation when i found out that Holly Willoughby's MUA uses this at the min on shoots! The foundation I'm talking about is Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation...

It comes in 5 shades,all of which are quite neutral based..if anything they lean a bit towards the NC shade range of MAC.
I have quite combination skin but would find it more oily than dry-so i would always have my powder compact with me on a nite out but this ladies eliminates that! I find i don't have to top up during the day and it dries to quite a powder matte finish..leaving it up to us where we want are skin to shine..
Again the little sis was called in to try this on...needless to say she bought it in two shades afterwards..<3

under flash..highlighter added

It really doesn't feel like there's a heavy foundation on your skin but it does truely give a medium/full coverage and it does claim 16hr staying power
And best part it is a pure bargain at a mere £7.99 on eBay! Its also available in Boots,Superdrug etc for around £ careful there is a foundation serum also which i haven't just incase you get confused...

Again this is how i found this foundation for me and those iv tried it on but as we know everyone's skin is different and sometimes likes to play up on us when we change are foundation's..x

Any feedback leave me a comment x

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