Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hey guys so in keeping with my last brow blog i thought id show you my absolute favourite product from HD Brow range..the wonderful...the amazing...HD Brow Pencil! We all know that God did not bless us all with the perfect shaped brow-but once you've had them professionally shaped (by a HD Brow Stylist of course ;) then this pencil pretty much makes it fool proof to fill in any little gaps and give them that fullness..a lot of my clients find that the pencil helps them to stretch out the time between there brows time to grow in any sparse areas...below is my little sis..her last HD Brow treatment was on 20th Dec and these were taken on 20th Jan..she has quite fair brows but loves them a bit darker when shes got makeup on..."enter" the HD Brow pencil..i haven't plucked/waxed any this is simply the pencil in all its glory..

Its also waterproof so you don't get any smudging like from other brow pencils..its also quite a different shape as you shape it into a flat pointed ridge rather than a round tip pencil, making it easier to fake those little hairs that wont grow... 

It also comes in brown..

some hair-like strokes on my hand

There is however one downside..these babies are only available from HD Brow salons & stylists...but girls you know were to find us...V x

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