Friday, 17 February 2012

Pastel me perfect

Pastel shades seem to be on every catwalk at the its no surprise that makeup companies are following suit.  Although i am no huge fan of pastel lip shades..i do love it on eyes and especially nails!
When in superdrug emptying out my bank account i always pick up a few cheapy MUA products ( at £1 each its rude not too-rite?) So i was excited to hear they have an online website..i will hook you up below

After a visit to the page..these beauty's arrived yesterday

They have a love hearts range which has lovely shades in both lip tints and nail polishes

this is two coats of the MUA  lavender, purple an yellow

The eyeshadow palette is £4.00 and isn't bad quality for the price..there very subtle and shimmery but are great for a pale pastel look.
Happy bargain shopping girls  

V <3

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